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Monday, March 30, 2009

1050 Downloadable Ebooks

I love reading books, discovering new books about anything and everything is a hobby. The problem is is that the bookstores in my country don't have much variety so I always have to buy my books online The downside of this is that because books can be very heavy, the price of the book will always, atleast, double when the shipment cost has been added. So if I want to buy a book that costs $40 I'll have to pay $80! So what do I do? Do I continue spending way too much money on books or do I stop buying books online and only buy new books once a year when I travel abroad?

Thankfully I don't have to make that decicion because I found a website where you can buy books online and then download them onto your computer. Pretty simple right? That's not even the best part, this site has endless amount of books and most of those books cost under $20. You can find cheap books about anything (novels, mysteries, professional literature, books about health) on this site and you can buy them and start reading them at 2 A.M! All you need is "Adobe Reader" or "Acrobat eBook Reader" which should already be downloaded on your computer, but if it isn't, don't worry because you can download it online for free.

So what books have I bought? Like many people, I'm always trying to lose weight, changing my lifestyle, eating more healthy, you know how it is. So the first book I bought is called "100 Favorite Weight Watchers Recipes". 100 healthy recipes for me to try out, and how much did this book cost me? $3.95! Those low prices and no extra shipping cost means I can buy a new book every day!

Plus when you buy books there you get another book with a similar price for free. So I got two books for only $3.95. How great is that? I've already tried a few recipes and so far I love them all. If you love chicken like I do, I recommend you buy this book because it has a bunch of chicken recipes that are healthy and yummy!

When it came to selecting the second book I decided to go for a completely different book. I ended up chosing a book called "182 hilarious jokes". It's filled with silly jokes that you can laugh at again and again. Example, "A brain went into a pub and said, "Can I have a pint of lager please?" "No way" says the barman "you are already out of your head". Print this book out and give it to your kids, they'll be laughing for hours!

When you buy books at buy-ebook you get a full re-sale rights, which means that once you buy a product you can sell the books you buy as many times as you like and keep 100% of the profits.

If you're not satisfied with the book you get for any reason you can just contact them within 30 days and get your money back. No questions asked.

For further information go to and start buying books and getting books for free right now!

Monday, December 18, 2006


The demand for laptop accessories is growing steady. People are constantly looking for new accessories that go with their laptops. Popular laptop accessories are nothing more than some special add-on’s or additional gadgets attached to the original setup of your laptop which makes working of your machine more smoother.

Especially for the travelers it is a boon as they can stay productive even while on the roads.
With the burgeoning demand of laptop accessories coupled with a fray of these available gadgets in the market, you have many options at your disposable.
The most common and the top most accessories available for your laptops are:

  • Bags: The right kind of bag is very essential for your laptop, as it is the outer most protective shield. The bag should be sturdy enough to bear the weight of your machine.
  • Note Book Security Cables: Preventing your dream machine from theft is a very important concern. This lightweight cable wraps around the stationary device and then locks the security slot of your laptop. If your machine does not have an in-built security slot, then an optional glue-on adapter comes with no extra charges.
  • Portable Hood: This necessary equipment improves the screen visibility by eliminating glare and also reduces eye strain. The shade also works as a privacy screen concealer of your confidential documents.
  • Laptop Mouse: If you are tired of scrolling your finger over those hard touch pad, there comes an optical mouse at your service, both wireless and wired, suiting your requirements.
  • Mobile Printers: It is yet another important accessory needed for your machine. It makes you independent wherein comes the matter of taking printouts of the important documents for your immediate use.
  • Laptop Desk Version: This particular accessory is engineered for the heavier laptops in order to give relaxation to your legs on a journey, coupled with five typing positions and a rubber surface.
  • Podium Cool Pad: This add-on provides heat dissipation and a 360 degree rotation benefit along with helping you to adjust your laptop keyboard.
  • Headset Microphones: It gives you the benefit to control your output.
  • Speakers: Apart from the inbuilt speakers, using external speakers gives you an extra edge at time of meetings and presentations.
  • Portable USB Handy Lite: This gadget is a convenient way to illuminate your laptop keyboard when the light is poor.
  • Earbud Headphones: It is an important accessory for the telecommuters. It is small and compact and is also able to filter out the background noises.
  • Multi Power Car Charger: Multi Power Car Charger is a very useful accessory for those who spend most of the time working on laptops in their cars.
  • USB Handy Fan: It is a perfect accessory for your laptop in hot and humid environments, which helps to create a gentle and refreshing breeze.
  • DVB-T-USB Stick: with this add-on in your laptop, you can watch and record TV and radio shows.
  • USB Number Pad: It is a USB hub with two additional USB parts that helps you to connect to more USB devices. This gadget helps you to work more quickly, easily and accurately on the spread sheets.
  • USB Numeric Pad: It is a 19-key device which offers an instant benefit to the notebook users.
  • Web Camera: An accessory which you can use to stay in touch with your friends by seeing them.
  • Phone to PC recorder: It helps you to connect to your telephone handset with your laptop's sound card, enabling you to record the telephonic conversations.